lundi, 29 novembre 2010

Facebook - Group Swiss Bike Polo

Afin de coordonner les prochains événements relatifs au vélo polo en Suisse, comme par exemple les qualifications aux euros 2011 (EHBPC 2011) qui se tiendront à Barcelone nous vous invitons à rejoindre le groupe facebook suivant:

Swiss Bike Polo

L'idée serait d'avoir au moins une personne représentant sa ville présente dans ce groupe.

lundi, 25 octobre 2010

Oldest bike polo player found in the swiss alps.

During a very lovely polo tournement in the alpine villge of Bex some acheologues found the probably oldest bike polo player in history! The location of the discovery of the rests from a dead polo player's body was just some hundred meters above the mentionned mountain village (see the arrow on the picture). It seems that the discovered subject was part of decadent civilisation located in the swiss alps. The skeletal remains were fount on the bottom of an abandonned swimming pool.

The scientists identified the found individual clearly as a "bike-polo playing creature".

This thesis was proved by the very distinctive features found in the proximity of the subject. So he had still a cigaret in his mouth and he was also wearing a helmet.

The scientists could not clearly identify the cause of his death. Probably his was involved in a heavy crash or he consumed to much drugs or his death was the consequence of the connexion of the former mentionned reasons.

mardi, 14 septembre 2010

Kings of the rink

Et pour finir le sosie de Marmou...

mardi, 20 juillet 2010


Wow what a weekend!!

The results:

1. L'EQUIPE (Geneva)
2. COSMIC (London)
3. EL CLUB (Barcelona)
4. Rotten Apples (London)

decode yourself the rest of the classement on the following pix.

For more pictures, visit the extremly welldone reportage from guidoline/Rouen.

Last but not least our biggissime remerciements to all who made this event possible.
Clément as the supernatural supervisor of the hole event, Alain Mathieu from the city of Geneva for his very helpful assistance during the preparation process of the touney, all the members GVP for their organisation work, the crowd of volonteers for their self-sacrifying effort this weekend. Thanks also to all the players and the public for visiting us in geneva.

jeudi, 3 juin 2010

Swiss WHBPC selection tournement

L'affaire est assez simple: Il y a dès qui vont aller à Berlin, d'autres non.
Le tounoi commence samedi vers 10h à la praille.