mardi, 20 juillet 2010


Wow what a weekend!!

The results:

1. L'EQUIPE (Geneva)
2. COSMIC (London)
3. EL CLUB (Barcelona)
4. Rotten Apples (London)

decode yourself the rest of the classement on the following pix.

For more pictures, visit the extremly welldone reportage from guidoline/Rouen.

Last but not least our biggissime remerciements to all who made this event possible.
Clément as the supernatural supervisor of the hole event, Alain Mathieu from the city of Geneva for his very helpful assistance during the preparation process of the touney, all the members GVP for their organisation work, the crowd of volonteers for their self-sacrifying effort this weekend. Thanks also to all the players and the public for visiting us in geneva.