jeudi, 20 mai 2010

EHBPC Poster

Finally the decision about the poster for the EHBPC has been settled. Thanks to Clément for his zoologic artwork! Perhabs some words about the purpose of the polo-playing animals are needed. The germans immediatly associated the "pferdle" and the "äffle" with the two protagonists of the picture above, what is in fact not such a strange idea if you check out this picture. But we want to clarify that the friend of the ape is not a horse but a crocodile. The shown animals are two of three supposed polo characters found in every polo team (the third one, the rabbit missed the poster-shooting). The (french) "croco" stands for the well-built player snapping at every opportunity to score. The ape is the intelligent strategic operator in the team, while the rabbit, also his tiny constitution is fast and at every spot on the court at the same time. Check out the EHBPC website, it will be updated regularly the coming weeks before the tournement.

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